Samode Palace – In the lap of luxury

Looking for a quick weekend getaway or for a place to soak in some luxury near Delhi?

Well, we have got just the place for you and it offers you the best of both. The Samode Palace, about 40 kms from Jaipur is our precious find of the month.

Tucked in the heart of an old city in Rajasthan, Samode is everything you have been looking for on a weekend trip. Just a six hours drive from New Delhi, this majestic palace offers the much needed peace and quiet to a city soul.

Just like many famous old palaces and forts that are now converted into heritage properties, Samode Palace is no different. However, the palatial vibe remains intact – whether its the ambience, the intricate wall designs, the traditionally tailored furniture, or the staff that makes you feel at home – everything makes you feel like you have travelled hundreds of years back in time.

Upon our arrival on a cloudy Saturday afternoon, we were greeted with garlands and tikka (..) and were escorted to the reception. Much to our surprise, we were also offered a free upgrade to a suite. Choosing between the two definitely gave us a hard time as both the rooms were spectacular.

However, after much deliberation, we decided to stick to a room with a view and our decision was totally worth it.

The rooms are tastefully done – minimalistic with a touch of royalty. The old style French windows offered the best view of the patio with a hill– turning out to be the best spot to have the morning cup of tea with cool breeze in the background. Again, a rare sight for a city soul!

As we moved ahead in our day after Lunch – a scrumptious meal to say the least (Chicken Biryani – a must try), we went to explore the Infinity pool. Nestled in between hills on the top floor, it is a perfect place to enjoy a quiet dip with a drink or two.

The Dining area is absolutely stunning with beautifully done interiors. Detailed chandeliers, ceiling lights, and wall paintings just add to the décor. The outside dining area is equally gorgeous surrounded with trees and palace walls. All this coupled with homely staff to assist you with food is all you need after such a fun filled day.

The next day after enjoying a hearty breakfast in the courtyard, we went on to take a guided tour of the palace and oh boy, was I surprised?

In my view, our day one was close to living the royal life, but halfway through the tour I realised that it was just the beginning. On our guided tour, we were taken to the areas which have stayed as is for hundreds of years (the palace is 400 year old, in case you were wondering) – the stones, the carvings, world famous mirror work of Rajasthan…everything!! Just the same!

After soaking in the luxury (whatever we could in two days), it was time for us to head back to the city life. Whilst packing my bags with an almost grumpy expression, we realised that two days are just not enough for this magnificent property.

We will certainly be back – this time for a long duration.

Until then, enjoy this post and feel free to write to us in case you need more info.

Happy exploring!


P.S. – If you are taking a bus/ train to Jaipur, then you might want to consider booking a local taxi as the palace is on the outskirts of the city.

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